Paul's absolute favorite video.  I'm so happy I filmed this one day.  This was my experience almost every Sunday of my life.  Walking in to my grandparents house on a Sunday morning:

Grandpa Pete talks about his famous sauce recipe:

Grandpa Pete & Paul talk on Conneaut AM Live about Guglielmo Sauce:

The only festival Paul and Grandpa Pete ever did together was the 2014 Fairport Music Festival:

Our first ever day of production was 7-2-14.  We used to think 30 gallons was a lot!

Our first day of production on Rosa and Spicy Chunky Veggie.  Fun Fact - we weren't even calling it Spicy Chunky Veggie yet.  The working title was "Arrabiata Puttanesca"

The moment Paul handed his grandfather the first ever jar of Guglielmo Sauce:

Grandpa Pete talks about learning to make sauce from his mother:

Grandpa Pete wishes everyone a Happy 4th of July:

Grandpa Pete whipping up some anchovy sauce for Christmas Eve's Feast of The Seven Fishes:

Summer of 2017 - Paul teaches a class on sauce making at Wickham Farms in Penfield, NY:

Paul is featured in a video for Hart's Local Grocers:

Paul appears on The Rochester Show:

Paul appears on Rochester LIVE:

Paul appears on his father's show Around Town With Chuck:

Pete & Lucy Guglielmo reflect on their 65th anniversary:

Paul takes The Tesla Challenge and donates sauce:

Grandpa Pete tries to teach Paul how to play harmonica: